Data protection

Data protection

Data protection


Integration of services and content of third parties

It may happen that within this online offer content of third parties, such as for example videos from YouTube, maps from Google maps, RSS feeds, or images from other Web sites are involved. This always assumes that the provider of such content (hereinafter referred to as "Third-party") you take the IP address of the user. Because without the IP address, they could not send the content to the user's browser. The IP address is required for the presentation of this content. We try to using only such content, their respective provider use the IP address for the delivery of content. However, we have no control over, if the third-party save the IP address for statistical purposes. As far as this is known to us, we educate the users.


Cookies are small files that allow to store specific, related to the device information on the access device of user (PC, Smartphone, or similar). They are used to the one of the usability of Web pages and thus the users (E.g. login data storage). On the other hand, they serve to capture the statistical data of the website and to analyze them in order to improve the offer. The user can have an influence on the use of cookies. Most browsers have an option of storing cookies is restricted or completely prevented. But will pointed out, to restrict the use and especially the ease of use without cookies.

Many online ads cookies from companies on the American side, you can or the EU site manage.

Cancellation, changes, corrections and updates

The user has the right to receive information about the personal data stored about him on request free of charge. In addition, the user has the right to rectification of incorrect data, blocking and deletion of his personal data, insofar as no legal hold stands.


On this website, with piwik, an open-source Web analytics tool (for, data for marketing and optimisation purposes collected and stored. From this data, user profiles can be created under a pseudonym. Cookies can be used for this purpose. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the cache of the site visitor's Internet browser. Cookies enable the recognition of the Internet browser. The data collected with piwik without the explicit consent of the person concerned not used to identify visitors to this website personally and not also to be merged with personal data about the bearer of the pseudonym.

We anonymize their IP address

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